Profile Thermocouples for the Microelectronics & Solar Industries

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Precious Metal Thermocouples:

Thermocouples for the Microelectronics & Solar Industries
Spike Thermocouples
New for Old with Precious Metal Recovery
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Our technical sales team will be able to assist and address any specific technical questions you may have as always our aim is to provide guidance on the most cost effective route to a solution.

We do prefer to partner with our customers to develop a service and commitment which is second to none’
working directly with end users to customize their traditional and multi-junction thermocouples for maximum longevity and of course this maximises our customers cost of ownership.

Within our state-of-the-art production facility, every care is taken to ensure every thermocouple or sensor is manufactured with the highest degree of quality.

All our products are tested and calibrated against exacting standards before they leave our ISO 9002-certified facility.
We strive to provide innovative designs, exceptional quality, fast deliveries and competitive pricing

Every profile thermocouple and sensor is supplied with a calibration report traceable to national standards laboratories (UKAS) and conforming with the latest national and international specifications

We can if required automatically notify customers of recalibration due-dates if required.

Profile Thermocouples for the Microelectronics & Solar Industries

Multi-lab has long been a leading supplier of profile and spike thermocouples, and epitaxial thermocouples to the leading OEMs and end customers within the semiconductor and solar industry.

A new thermocouple constructed from new fully calibrated precious metal, built to your exact requirements. All our thermocouples are constructed with Semiconductor grade ceramic and Quartz glass and supplied with a full set of calibration data. The temperature range and step intervals of the calibration data can be supplied to your specific requirements.

We have been building and supplying thermocouples from our East Kilbride factory since 2004.
Within the group our years of temperature measurement technology innovation manufacturing has proven we have been able to deliver even more value to customers.
Our precious metal thermocouples and temperature sensors utilize R, S, B, PII, and K-type wires.
Sensor temperature range.


R      Pt vs Pt 13 Rh 400° to 1400°C
S      Pt vs Pt 10 Rh 400° to 1400°C
B      Pt 6 Rh vs Pt 30 Rh 800° to 1600°C
PII    Platinel® 0° to 1300°C
K      Chromel-Alumel® Low Temp

We use high purity pre-calibrated wire which can achieve a tolerance of +/- 0.5° at 1000°C.
Fabricated thermocouples are guaranteed to +/-0.3% of the standard used.

Calibrated data is calculated over a range from 100°C to 1200°C with step size of 5°C (down to 1oc if required).
0.5mm wire used for all new and new-for-old.

Purity of ceramic used exceeds 99.7% recrystallized alumina. We hold stocks of materials and components for most of the industry standard thermocouples. On most occasions we can provide thermocouples with a lead time of 2 - 3 weeks.

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