Technical & Engineering of Industrial Ceramic

Multi-Ceramic Technology, MCT,  a division of Multi-Lab ltd, has stepped up a gear in the world of Technical ceramic production.

Ceramic engineering is the science and technology of creating ceramic components from inorganic non-metallic materials.

Our workshops equipped with state of the art 5 axis machining facilities, backed up with our brand new Mitutoyo CMM will go from strength to strength in the world of Technical ceramic manufacturing ……………..

5 Axis machining center producing super precision engineered parts in both Ceramic & Quartz

Mitutoyo precision measurement

MCT,  Multi- Ceramic Technology’s capabilities with a very wide range of technical ceramic materials extensive to say the least …………………………..

Iso pressed & precision machined 99.7% AL2o3 Aluminium Oxide ceramic

Intricate machinable / technical ceramic from our CNC department

Alumina , Aluminium

Our highly skilled and experienced engineering team is always available to assist with advice & input on your bespoke ceramic requirements, whether it be in machinable glass ceramic ? or in precision ground

Alumina, Zirconia, Steatite, Cordierite ceramic materials?

Macor MGC Machinable Glass Ceramic

Intricate machinable / technical ceramic from our CNC department

Moulded Cordierite

We would strongly recommend that you contact us for free advise and very competitively priced components  for quantities ranging from a simple 1 off right up to millions off from our CIM Ceramic Injection Moulding division.

We are extremely eager and willing to work with you on either new projects from the ground up, or pricing on existing parts that you may very well be paying too much for ?

Please feel free to contact