IPL and Laser Cavity Reflectors

Our custom manufactured ceramic reflectors have been designed for laser and IPL systems.

They have been manufactured primarily from high-reflectivity ultra-white alumina. Additionally, they have been glazed in order to guarantee leak-tightness and protection against contamination and erosion from system coolants.

They exhibit greatly improved reflectivity over their machinable glass ceramic counterparts.

This new manufacturing process offers higher reflectance over a wide range of wavelengths and, depending on size, quantity and geometry, can eliminate the need for a tooling charge.

It is also a very cost efficient process which has significantly reduced the component price.

Key Properties

bullet  High reflecting alumina
bullet  Guarantee leak-tightness
bullet  Protection against contamination
bullet  Protection against erosion from system coolants
bullet  Eliminates the need for a tooling charge
bullet  High reflectance over a wide range of wavelengths


bullet  Laser Cavity
bullet  IPL Systems