CNC Machining and Polishing of
Quartz and Ceramics

For over 25 years, Multi-lab has been synonymous with excellence in the development and production of high precision machined and polished parts.

CNC Machining

Our fully integrated CNC machine workshop includes 5 and 3 axis CNC work stations with ultrasonic drilling and grinding equipment giving us the capabilities to machine products to tolerances of tight specifications.

Polishing and Machining

We can grind and machine material from boules, blocks or plate. Our standard polishing tolerances go down to 1/10 or 0.3 mm with a parallelism of 3 seconds. More precise tolerances can be achieved if required.

Quartz polished discs and profiles

A full Bespoke, Quartz machining, grinding & polishing service is available in our state of the art workshops offering tolerances down to three decimal ( 0.000 ) places, simply advise us of your specific requirements.


In most instances breakages or damage to Quartz parts can be repaired. Removal and re-use of expensive component parts from used or damaged products can help reduce your overall cost of ownership. We offer a full Quartz repair and refurbishment service from both our facilities which can be carried out in conjunction with the option of having your parts expertly cleaned or decontaminated beforehand.

CNC / Bespoke Machining

The Multi-lab group offers bespoke manufacturing in a wide range of advanced materials such as Macor® machinable glass ceramic, BNP2 & Shapal® M, soft machinable Aluminium Nitride, all grades of Boron Nitride; Alumina, Zirconia, Quartz and many more.


We have the ability to meet the extremely close tolerances demanded to meet both military and industrial specifications.

Major industries, including Semiconductor, Solar and Aerospace, rely on our quality performance and production guarantees.

Apart from supplying a quotation from a customer drawing, an added advantage is that we can take your component and reverse engineer it or take a CAD file from you and feed it directly into our system using all common file formats.

Our final inspection area allows products to be measured to 5 decimal places using our CMM equipment if this level of quality control is required.


Within our extensive capabilities we have available:

bullet  Ultrasonic Grinding and Drilling
bullet  Surface Grinding and Slicing
bullet  ID and OD Grinding
bullet  Centerless Grinding
bullet  Core Drilling and Machining up to very large diameters
bullet  Prototype Machining and Polishing
bullet  CNC Machining
bullet  CNC Turning and Milling
bullet  High tolerance Lapping and Polishing