Ceramic Injection Moulding

The recent introduction of CIM ceramic injection moulding at Multi-lab has enabled us to expand other lines such as IR & UV products and services.

The advantages of injection moulded UV lamp caps over those produced by powder compaction are many, such as:

bullet  The capability of producing complicated shapes in the tooling without the need for expensive secondary operation machining.
bullet  Much improved homogeneity, critical for lamps used in areas of high humidity or with water cooled systems.
bullet  Far lower tooling costs, even for more complex parts & low cost tooling alterations for equipment advancements.
bullet  A surface finish which is much kinder and smoother to the touch, reducing the risk of tiny shards finding their way into the lamp body during manufacture.
bullet  Improved aesthetics. The appearance is far superior to that of pressed parts.

The correct lamp end cap is essential for proper lamp positioning & correct electrical insulation.