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Fused Quartz Fabrication:

Fabricated Quartzware - Fused Quartz Fabrication
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Our capabilities include:

bullet  All horizontal and vertical furnace ware for up to 300mm wafers. This includes Photovoltaic products.

bullet  Small batch R&D parts

bullet  Fibre optic components

bullet  We have many years experience producing single wafers parts for most OEM`s, for Dry Etch, Metallization and Implant system.

bullet  Wet etch and Pre-Diffusion clean acid tanks and peripherals.

bullet  Plasma ash chambers and accompanying quartz parts.

bullet  Our large lathe manufacturing capabilities allows us to build tubes up to 500mm in diameter.

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Fused Quartz Fabrication and Quartzware

High quality fabricated Quartz components manufactured for a wide range of industries.

Multi-lab supplies products to some of the largest Silicon chip producers in Europe, and has years of experience in producing high quality furnace, etch and related parts for wafer fabrication processes.

We have the flexibility to support both high and low volume product ranges as well individual requirements and R&D.

At our two UK sites Multi-lab can without a doubt supply a service second to none, with in its Newcastle upon Tyne facility we are fabricating Quartzware and producing machined parts for a vast number of industries, these include MOCVD equipment customers manufacturing Planetary Reactors, Showerhead concepts and high-temperature research systems, UV Water sterilisation, UV drying, UV lamp manufacturing, R and D, Medical and University fabricated parts. As well as producing advanced products for the Semiconductor and PV Industries we also support numerous other markets and Industries with very high quality, competitively priced fabricated products.

Between our two UK sites we have in excess of 25 hot bench and lathe trained glass blowers with an apprentice training program in place to sustain and grow our manufacturing capabilities.

Within our East Kilbride facility all our staff were trained by Heraeus quartz to a very high standard, and have spent many years producing some of the most advanced fabricated Quartzware used in the Semiconductor, Photovoltaic and related Industries.

We can provide fabricated Quartzware for both batch and single wafer applications.

To support our glassblowing infrastructure we have a large, advanced CNC Machine shop, including a 5-axis system. Our kit allows us to produce parts or components to very tight tolerances and finishes.

Our QA and Final Inspection equipment allows us to measure and inspect these parts to 5 decimal places if required.

We also have on site in East Kilbride a class 1000 clean room which allows us to offer our customers the option of ship to line cleaning.

A Global Force in Quartz and Ceramic Technology