Scientific Quartz parts require bespoke Packaging

Many of the scientific quartz components manufactured at here at Multi-lab limited are unique one-off’s, designed and processed for unique applications. Extreme care must be taken whilst handling the parts within the factory to avoid the potential for damage, scratches and similar surface defects. We take pride in supplying our customers with the best possible materials for their uses.

Occasionally parts are made on a repeat regular basis and this gave us the opportunity to review the packing materials used. As is normal in our industry, a great amount of cardboard is used to put together various sized boxes along with the accompanying inner packing material such as bubble wrap and paper wrapping. For the item in question, which is a high precision Glass Blown Quartz assembly, and also  a fairly large part for scientific quartz standards. The assembly is made up of 2 parts as a matched pair. As with other precision parts, these items are very delicate and they must avoid contamination and minor scratches at all costs. We chose in this instance to look at a reusable solution with the idea that the part can be shipped and then stored with the customer. This would protect the items until they are ready for use and removed at the customers premises. After removal of the parts, the packing is then collected and returned back to Multi-lab for the next batch of parts, allowing us to quickly assemble, pack and then ship back out again.

Our customer was keen to work alongside us as they also could see the benefits at their end – Well protected parts free from contamination and any signs of damage.



For use in a standard Eurocarton
Foam Insert for use in a standard Eurocarton
Beginning to fill up the container


Fully assembled the container holds 6 pairs of components

One final layer of foam and the lid is ready to go on.Although we are in the early days of this particular contract, the initial feedback is encouraging. We estimate that this type of packaging will be reusable many times over and could last for several years.