Scientific Quartz glassware

Scientific Quartz glassware covers many industry and business sectors,

Since its foundation in 1984 by Mr Ron Jackman snr MD and his wife Mrs Audrey Jackman FD, joined by their son Mr Paul Jackman in 1988 as Production Director,

Multi-Lab ltd have been supplying Scientific quartz glassware around the world, but in particular, to Universities globally.

Multi-Lab | Scientific Quartz glassware

Scientific fused silica Quartz GlasswareThe

Multi-Lab brand is a world renowned name, not only in the supply of Scientific Quartz Glassware, but also in the manufacture & supply of technical ceramics …………………………..

Multi-Lab | Scientific Quartz glassware

Ceramic Nuts & Bolts

Multi-Lab | Scientific Quartz glassware

Laser cavity reflectors

Multi-Lab | Scientific Quartz glassware

Precision Technical Ceramics

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Multi-lab continues to develop in distribution and fabrication technology, demonstrating our ability to maintain leadership by adapting constantly to the ever-changing needs of its customers.

We retain a wealth of experience in manufacturing products for most OEMs within the microelectronics, photovoltaic, UV, IR, LED, aerospace and semiconductor sectors to mention but a few.

Multi-Lab | Scientific Quartz glassware

We always welcome the opportunity to review new product designs or ideas from R&D up to full production, and will work with our customers in helping them take these concepts to market.

As a major distributor for Momentive and Heraeus Quartz Multi-lab is committed to holding large stocks of high purity fused Quartz tubing from the world’s largest manufacturers in a full range as follows ………………………….

Tubing, Rod, Plate and fabricated bespoke manufacture.

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