Scientific Quartz Glassware

Multi-lab Limited has for many years held a proud reputation for producing bespoke Quartz Scientific Glassware for the Research and Development community.

We recently made a large quantity of Quartz tubes which have a larger ‘bulb’ towards one end of the part. During manufacture, the ‘bulb’ is ‘stuffed’ with quartz wool prior to the bulb becoming joined onto the longer tubes.

In its application, hot gasses are drawn though the tubes and the quartz wool is used to filter out any undesirable contaminants. The gasses are then analysed from the process. Only quartz material is suitable to operate is such a harsh and high temperature environment.

Multi-Lab | Quartz & Ceramics

New tubes checked during final inspection before despatch to the customer.

All the work required to manufacture these scientific components is carried out in-house by Multi-labs highly skilled Glass blowers.

Multi-Lab | Quartz & Ceramics

Multi-Lab | Quartz & Ceramics

Used Tubes also supplied by Multi-lab

Multi-lab are only too willing to work with our customers to produce scientific components that exactly suit your requirements.