Scientific Experimental Quartz Fabrication

Our Glassblowing Department have made many elaborate test rigs over the years which help to support University R & D Departments not only in the UK but worldwide.

The rigs can be extremely delicate pieces of equipment such as the ones shown here.

The Furnace Rig and Basket are here shown separately prior to assembly.

The frames usually hold some type of crucible or plate in position as the rig is put into the furnace. The plates can be re-used a number of times dependant on the nature of the experiment. This method avoids unnecessary cost for the lab as the frame does not deteriorate even after several hundred uses. It’s much more economical to replace the crucible or platen.

Batch of Test Rigs following final annealing and inspection

These rigs were made for a very urgent University order, Multi-lab manufactured, annealed and shipped within seven days.

Close up of the support tray

If the part is not to badly broken, Multi-lab will be able to advise if a repair can be carried out to save costs.