Science, Manufacturing and Quartz

There are many aspects to the use of quartz in today’s modern manufacturing industries. Semiconductor manufacturing which moved from the laboratory to mass manufacture during the 1960’s in the USA, is now a vast global industry. Semi-conductors are found in almost every electrical device.

Quartz components are an integral part of the manufacturing process for semi-conductors. Multi-lab produce a wide range of laboratory quartz-ware that is used in the development of semi-conductor production. Recently we have had some Quartz cells and Quartz boats coming through the factory.

Multi-Lab | Quartz Manufacturing

The Cell shown here will be welded to a quartz baseplate, the strain marks can be easily seen from the welding process.

Multi-Lab | Quartz Manufacturing

Preparing for welding

The cell is positioned ready for welding to the baseplate. It may be possible to see a small pip on the cell face to be joined. This creates a small gap between the two parts which is then filled with weld.

Multi-Lab | Quartz Manufacturing

Welding the item together !

After the part is fully welded together , the cell will be annealed to remove the strain marks.


Multi-Lab | Quartz Boat

Completed quartz boat

Multi-Lab | Quartz Boat

The parts can be over 2000mm in length. We take a quartz tube of a substantial wall thickness and then cut it in half down the full length. Not an easy task by any means.

Quartz boats are used in the manufacture of the silicon wafer discs from which the semiconductors are produced. This one is about 1.5 metres in length.

Although both cells and boats are readily available in standard sizes it may be your requirements are unique. Multi-lab are here to help and can make just about any size and bespoke the manufacture to suit your needs.