TSC fused quartz is manufactured by flame fusion from refined natural quartz crystal.
The long furnace residence time guarantees a material with a low level of inclusions and bubbles, resulting in a high product yield for the quartz fabricator.

Heraeus transparent ingots are available in rectangular, round and hollow shapes and a wide range of sizes. Ingots can be cut and ground or lapped to make blanks in a variety of shapes including rectangular or squared plates, disks and rings.


Typical trace elements and OH content in quartz glass (ppm by weight oxide)

Elements Al Ca Cr Cu Fe K Li Mn Na Nd Ti Y Zr OH Content
TSC-4 8 0.4 <0.01 <0.01 0.2 0.05 0.2 <0.01 <0.08 <0.1 1.5 <0.01 0.5 170


Recommended use of TSC-4

TSC-4 is recommended when low alkali and low aluminium are specified.