Heraeus Suprasil 1, 2, 3 and Suprasil Standard are high purity synthetic fused silica materials manufactured by flame hydrolysis of SiCl4. They combine excellent physical properties with outstanding optical characteristics in the deep UV and the visible wavelength range. The index homogeneity is controlled and specified either in one direction (the direction of use or functional direction) or even in all three dimensions. In addition, the materials provide excellent resistance to damage by high energy UV laser radiation.

All synthetic fused silica Suprasil grades are practically free from bubbles and inclusions.

The optical homogeneity, which is the main criteria for very low transmitted wavefront distortion, refers to three categories:

Suprasil 1

An optically isotropic 3D material. It is highly homogeneous and has no striations in all three dimensions. These properties are very important for multiple axis optics such as prisms, steep lenses, beam splitters or etalons.

Suprasil 2 & 3

Homogeneous in the primary functional direction. Weak striations, if any, are parallel to the major faces and do not affect the optical performance.

The preferred materials for demanding optics in one directional use such as lenses, UV-laser windows, optical flats, etc.

Suprasil Standard

Free from striations through the functional direction. The index homogeneity ∆n is not specified.

The most economic grade within the Suprasil family and is available in one size, 125 ± 5 mm diameter, in random lengths. It is often used for substrates, mirrors, lightguide elements, beam delivery elements, microscope slides and UV-windows.