QSIL PH300/308 Quartz Glass


PH300/308 glass is a clear fused quartz glass available as tubing and rod (ph308 tubing: OD ≤ 5mm; PH300 tubing: OD > 5mm).

Specific glass properties are:

  • A high transmittance in the UV region (200-400 nm) for maximum UV output; the typical transmittance at 253.7 nm is 90%.
  • A high transmittance is the Visible (400-750 nm) for maximum light output; the typical transmittance is 93%.
  • A very low -OH content (down to < 0.5 ppm) for long lamp lifetime.
  • Tight dimensional tolerances for excellent form & function.

Main application areas are:

  • Discharge Tubes for Low/ Medium Pressure & Amalgam UV-C Lamps.
  • Protection Sleeves for UV-C disinfection Lamps.
  • Discharge Tubes for Metal Halide Lamps.