Opaque Quartz Glass

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Materials available

Heraeus Material...
OM100, OFM 70, Rotosil, OFM 370, OFM 970 OSC.

Momentive Material...
GE514, GE544. 

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Opaque Quartz Glass

Opaque Quartz glass, including OM100, has outstanding properties in reducing heat transfer and can help save energy in high temperature applications by reducing energy loss caused by reflection.

We can supply near net shape blanks from which complex finished parts can be machined with minimum cost and, from working drawings, we can supply finished CNC parts.

Flanges and rings are available up to an outer diameter of 650 mm in variable widths and heights. Raw and cut opaque Quartz glass plates are offered in various shapes and thicknesses.

With Opaque material it is the  microporosity of the material which gives this material its specific properties - superior to other materials on the market.

High density, excellent thermal shielding, blocks IR transmission, smooth surface finish, and cost efficient way the material can be machined.

Opaque  material can be applied at high temperatures in aggressive environments with standing temperatures up to 1100°C.

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