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Quartz Cones, Sockets and Cup & Ball Joints

All Multi-lab standard cone and socket tapered joints maintain high quality with such characteristics as surface finish, uniform wall thickness, and accuracy of taper. They are also tooled or machined on Momentive or Heraeus material ensuring a first class product every time.
In some cases we used thicker walled material than the industry standard for greater strength to assure reliability.

We currently supply cones, sockets and ball joints from 5/20 up to 230/60; we can supply larger Diameters’ on request.

All our joints have the following advantages
bullet  Bevelled edges for greater chip resistance.
bullet  Exclusive extra heavy rim on all outer joints for greater
impact resistance.
bullet  Standard taper joints comply with the ASTM
specifications E676.
bullet  All standard taper joints are ground to a 10:1 taper.
bullet  Large stock levels held.
bullet  Non-standard taper joints and longer lengths are
available for quotation upon request.

Quartz Sockets and Cones conform to ISO R3831965 and BS 572/60.

Spherical Ground Ball & Cup Joints (BS2761).


Quartz Sintered Discs

We hold stocks of sintered filter discs in various porosities and dimensions, six different porosity types are offered from extra coarse to extra fine allowing precise adjustment to the particles to be retained during filtration.

Standard disc sizes ranging from 5 mm to 120 mm outer diameter and thicknesses between 2.5 mm and 8 mm.

Quartz Wool

Used for high temperature thermal insulation. Fused Quartz wool has the same properties as pure Quartz glass.

The fibres are non-flammable and non-combustible. The fibres maintain their usable mechanical properties up to temperatures higher than 1000°C.

This is a stock item for us packed in bags 2 to 12 Microns or 5 to 30 Microns.

Packed in 10 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams.

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