HSQ 800

HSQ 800 combines highest purity requirements with increased process stability at high temperatures. This property is similarly achieved by surface stabilization of HSQ700. Please contact our customer service for further questions.


Typical trace elements and OH content in quartz glass (ppm by weight oxide)

Elements Al Ca Cl Cr Cu Fe K Li Mg Mn Na Ti Zr OH Content
HSQ 800* 15 0.5 n.s. <0.05 <0.05 0.1 0.1 0.05 0.05 <0.05 0.05 1.1 0.7 <30
* Tubes of this material grade have an approx. 20µm thick outer layer that contains a chemical precursor to trigger cristobalite-formation.



Low alkali content and temperature resistance by specific recrystallization.


Products and applications

Long-term high-temperature processes over 1160 °C with maximum purity requirements.