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GE 219


Known as ‘Ozone-Free‘ or ‘Germicidal‘ quartz tubing. GE 219 transmits UV-A and UV-B while blocking the deep, high energy wavelengths that cause ozone generation and pose the greatest exposure risks. GE 219 transmits the 253.7 nanometer mercury emission very efficiently, making it an ideal material for disinfection applications and various other UV treatments.

Clear fused quartz tubing doped with titanium oxide to block deep UV radiation. Visual and dimensional characteristics are identical to GE 214, while thermal and mechanical properties are similar. Commonly called “germicidal” or “ozone-free” quartz.

Typical Application
Anti-bacterial and other lamps where UV transmittance in the germicidal range is required, but where deeper UV radiation or ozone generation is undesirable.

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