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Materials available

Heraeus materials. Electrically fused...
CFQ 099 , HSQ 100 , HSQ 300 , HSQ 330 , HSQ 700,
HSQ 800.

Heraeus materials. Flame fused...
HSQ 351 / HSQ 751 , TSC-3® / TSC-4 , TSC-Synthetic
OM 100 , OFM 70 Rotosil / OFM 370 / OFM 970

Momentive Materials. Electrically fused...
GE214 , GE214A , GE219 , GE219A , GE254 , GE254A,
GE021 , GE214LD , GE224LD , GE244LD

Apart from these materials we also have stocks of other European suppliers as well as material from our partnership factory in China for low specification applications.

Full data specification sheets can be sent to you for any materials listed, please just ask.

At Multi-lab we hold extensive stocks of quartz glass base materials please call or e-mail for our dedicated sales staff to help you further or give you technical assistance.

Fused Quartz Tubing Grades

As a major distributor for Momentive and Heraeus Quartz Multi-lab is committed to holding large stocks of high purity fused Quartz tubing from the world’s largest manufacturers.

These stock sizes range from 3 mm O/D through to 580 mm O/D.

Lengths up to 3,500 mm are available.

All of our materials are high purity, high transmittance and high temperature with low hydroxyl content.

We carry the three basic types of quartz glass types, each designed to fulfil specific performance requirements:

bullet  Clear fused quartz tubing (OH <.00ppm).
Used mainly in high performance and high temperature lamps such as quartz halogen, mercury, ultra-violet (UV) lamps, semiconductor quartz ware, wave-guide handles thermocouples and high temperature products.

bullet  Clear Fused quartz tubing OH <1.00ppm)
Within the high specification of this material the extremely low hydroxyl level makes it the preferred material for producing metal halide lamp envelopes and other applications requiring extremely low hydroxyl content.

bullet  Clear fused quartz tubing doped with titanium.
This material is commonly called 'germicidal' or 'ozone free' quartz glass. It is produced to transmit UV-A and UV-B while blocking the deep high wavelengths. This makes it the ideal material for many disinfecting applications and various other UV treatment applications.

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