Quartz Scientific Glassware

The term Quartz Scientific Glassware  covers a vast multitude of products and industry sectors, here is just one little taste of this very interesting industrial sector.

Way back in 1997 Multi-Lab was approached and asked to manufacture some very interesting )and technically testing to our very experienced team of glassblowers !) Scientific quartz glassware  !! And here we are again from completely out of the blue we have received another order, a challenge that our glassblowers absolutely relished !

This very specialist glassware forms a crucial part of a measuring system for a TMA Thermomechanical Analyser, Thermomechanical Analysis remains one of the most basic tools of material science and are specifically used in the measurement of Thermal expansion / contraction and the softening points of materials ranging from metals to rubber and IC’s

To follow on as described in pretty simplistic terms on Wikipedia

Thermomechanometry is the measurement of a change of a dimension or a mechanical property of the sample while it is subjected to a temperature regime. An associated thermoanalytical method is thermomechanical analysis. A special related technique is thermodilatometry (TD), the measurement of a change of a dimension of the sample with a negligible force acting on the sample while it is subjected to a temperature regime. The associated thermoanalytical method is thermodilatometric analysis (TDA).

TDA is often referred to as zero force TMA. The temperature regime may be heating, cooling at a rate of temperature change that can include stepwise temperature changes, linear rate of change, temperature modulation with a set frequency and amplitude, free (uncontrolled) heating or cooling, or maintaining a constant increase in temperature. The sequence of temperatures with respect to time may be predetermined (temperature programmed) or sample controlled (controlled by a feedback signal from the sample response)

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