Quartz Plates and Quartz Tubing

Multi-lab has worked closely with our local college for the last couple of years giving youngsters the opportunity to join the company through the college apprenticeship programme. We have also opened our doors for students to gain some insight into the manufacturing environment. Most recently the college have sent some of their students who are progressing through photography related subjects to spend the day setting up a temporary studio and attempting to photograph a range of products and materials that Multi-lab produce. The idea is to simulate a typical day formulating and publishing suitable media for marketing purposes. Quartz Plate and Quartz tubing are very difficult materials to capture a high quality images from. Any slightest imperfection is enhanced due to the high purity and reflective nature of the material.

Multi-lab stock some of the largest sized quartz plates that are commercially available and to photograph a good image presents a tricky challenge.

We are hoping to welcome a number of students into the workplace now that some normality is returning to daily working life. At the same time further develop our relationship with Newcastle College whilst giving a student some real experience and putting their newly found skills to some practical use.

We are hoping to publish some pictures on our blog once they are are completed and we’ve had the opportunity to select the ones we like the best.