Quartz Components and manufactured parts

Our Glass Blowing department has had a busy few weeks after the start of 2019. Despite media uncertainty with the forthcoming Brexit we have quietly gone about our work and have shipped a wide variety of Quartz items all produced in-house.


Quartz dishes


These were a batch of small quartz dishes, approximately 100 x 50mm in size.







The item below was produced to a customers specification using standard cone and socket ends.
The parts fit one inside of the other with the design receiving final customer approval before manufacturing.
Multi-lab work very closely with our customers, a design and drawing may have to undergo a number of modifications to ensure the customer receives exactly what they require.

In addition to manufacturing Multi-labs glass blowing department are able to repair a wide variety of components .

This boat came in with a damaged end. The item was 2 metres in length so an expensive part to replace if a repair could not be undertaken.

Quartz boat with new end fitted

Multi-lab were able to cut off the damaged part of the quartz boat and replace the end with a new section welded into position.

One of the many various ampoules shapes that Multi-lab supply to their customers each week. Almost all are bespoke designs to suit the customers requirements.