Precision Glass Blowing

Each week here at Multi-lab we are faced with a new challenge when it comes to manufacturing quartz components for the scientific industry.

Some of those can be relatively straightforward other a little more complex.

Socket complete with ‘domed end’ and 90 degree branches.

The majority of the parts tend to be bespoke items for specific applications.

We are producing a large number of ampoules that have some very strict quality requirements. A number of components are made in advance and then assembled and welded in our Glassblowing facility.

Plates are cut, ground into discs and then finely polished in readiness for assembly.

Rough cut plate

Ground to a predetermined diameter
Finely Polished




Holes used for locating pins are carefully drilled in the tube ends.

Holes for locating pins are wax layered before drilling to avoid chipping

The finished holes are then glazed to produce a sound smooth surface avoiding the potential for cracking or failure.