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Quartz Repairs

Here at Multi-lab we produce many different components from fused silica used in many high temperature applications.

Much of this equipment is extremely delicate and fragile. Quite often, due to the nature of the experiments and the testing regime that is carried out in the Lab, components must be designed this way.

When using intricate components such as these, there can be occasions when damage unfortunately occurs or the critical parts become worn and require replacement. In these circumstances it can be worthwhile considering an option to repair rather than replace with new.

There is an assumption that broken quartz glass is unrepairable however this is not always the case.

Our Glass blowing Team have many years’ experience welding, cutting, machining and generally making good a wide range of components produced from quartz. It is possible to weld, join, butt together, build up areas of wear or even cut out worn or damaged sections and then piece back together with renewed or repaired parts.

This approach to quartz repairs has saved many of our customers both time and expense prolonging the life of delicate parts and equipment.


We have the ability to meet the extremely close tolerances demanded to meet both military and industrial specifications.

Major industries, including Semiconductor, Solar and Aerospace, rely on our quality performance and production guarantees.

Apart from supplying a quotation from a customer drawing, an added advantage is that we can take your component and reverse engineer it or take a CAD file from you and feed it directly into our system using all common file formats.

Our final inspection area allows products to be measured to 5 decimal places using our CMM equipment if this level of quality control is required.


Within our extensive capabilities we have available:

bullet  Ultrasonic Grinding and Drilling
bullet  Surface Grinding and Slicing
bullet  ID and OD Grinding
bullet  Centerless Grinding
bullet  Core Drilling and Machining up to very large diameters
bullet  Prototype Machining and Polishing
bullet  CNC Machining
bullet  CNC Turning and Milling
bullet  High tolerance Lapping and Polishing

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