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Specialists in Ceramics and Quartz Fabrication

Our Main Services

Multi-lab continues to develop in distribution and fabrication technology, demonstrating our ability to maintain leadership by adapting constantly to the ever-changing needs of its customers.

A Few Words About Us

About Our Services

We are proud of the fact that we have a 99.5% pass rate for all the products we test, clearly demonstrating why we are a global force in Quartz and ceramic technologies.

We have every confidence in our specialist quality assurance team who are experts in their own right, and help to ensure Multi-lab always meets your exact requirements.

Multi Lab Specialisations
Quartz Glassware 100%
Quartz Fabrication 100%
Technical Ceramics 100%
Ceramic Injection Mouldings 100%
Specialists in Ceramics and Quartz Fabrication - RR- Multi lab - trusted Supplier
UKAS AND ISO 9001-RGB - Multi Lab
Philips Supplier - Multi Lab - Approved Supplier

Multi Lab - Quartz and Ceramic Technology

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