Multi-lab Limited Sponsors local Karate Club Annual Awards Evening

Seiken Ryu War on the floor !

Multi-lab Limited is proud to announce that they are sponsors to a local up and coming Karate club
The Shukokai Karate Seiken Ryu club is ran by Mr Chris Yates who himself a Black belt 6th Dan.

Steve Reed with Multi-lab Limited MD Paul Jackman, careful you don’t connect Paul

He is helped to train the students from 6 right up to 60 and above with his qualified instructors , Steve Reed, 4th Dan, Peter Atkinson, 4th Dan, Wayne Bond, 3rd Dan, Andrew Waters 3rd Dan to name only a few .

Both Teams at the end of the evening

Wayne kindly gave a shout out to the club on his local radio show.

Paul Jackman who trained himself in Shokan many years ago was proud to be asked to present the winners’ cup at the war on the floor in Hexham recently where contestants from each DoJo competed to win the prestigious cup.



Both of Paul’s children Train in this style of Karate and both have attained Brown belts at present ,Paul believes martial arts in any form gives good discipline and encourages self-confidence so is always keen to see the club do well.


Some of the youngsters in action during the ‘War on the Floor’ .

Front Snap Kick!

Paul Jackman
Group Managing Director
Multi-Lab Ltd