Macor M-G-C Machinable Glass Ceramic

The most common form of Machinable Glass Ceramic is known as Macor a trademark developed by Corning Inc, however, there are other manufactures offering almost  identical versions, but at a far more attractive price ! so it will pay to understand fully exactly what properties are important to your particular application ?

Multi-Lab | Macor M-G-C Machinable Glass Ceramic

Macor MGC Machinable Glass Ceramic

MGC / Macor is a matrix of borosilicate glass loaded with fluorphlogopite mice comprising approximately as follows ….. Silica 46% / MGO 17 % Al2o3 16 % with the balance made up of Potassium Oxide / Boron Trioxide and Fluorine and is 100% vitreous ! lending itself to all sorts of applications such as ….. Semiconductor, Laser, Aerospace, Medical, Military, Nuclear,ultra-high vacuum &  Automotive etc the list is endless

Multi-Lab | Macor M-G-C Machinable Glass Ceramic

Macor structure

Here at the Multi-Lab group we offer Both genuine Macor M G C and another far more economical version, please request further details ?

Machinable Glass Ceramic is probably the most versatile of all of the ceramics falling into the machinable bracket ! but one must not forget machinable Aluminium Nitride which offers the benefit of much greater thermal conductivity, a higher operating temperature & is far stronger !!

Machining ……….. Macor along with all other Machinable Glass Ceramics are best machined wet with Tungsten Carbide metalworking tools as it tends to wear High Speed Steel tooling very quickly resulting in chipping / breakage.  Incredibly fine detail is possible with the carbide tooling such as very thing wall sections and fine threads.

Multi-Lab | Macor M-G-C Machinable Glass Ceramic

Macor MGC Threads in Machinable Glass Ceramic

Diamond tooling also works very well with next to no wear and amazing surface finishes can be achieved depending on the grade selected and improved still further by lapping & polishing if required ?

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