Looking to the future

Following another productive year and an expanding demand for our services, Multi-lab have recently taken on additional staff in the busy Production and Sales Departments.

With an eye to the future, Multi-lab are working in close partnership with our local education provider Newcastle College. Our new colleagues have joined us through the college’s Business Development & Recruitment offices and by working together, we can help our new employees learn the skills they need for a career right here in the North East. Multi-lab are proud to be associated with Newcastle College and are sponsor for the College 2020 apprenticeship awards scheme.

Our new Sales person will progress through a Business and Administration level 2 Apprenticeship programme, whilst our apprentice Glass Blower, is working towards a Manufacturing Operations level 2 Apprenticeship.

Multi-lab specialise in the manufacture and supply of Fused silica and technical ceramic components. Parts that are vital industrial components required for use in the production of all high-end electronics applications, and industries such as semi-conductors, and photovoltaic (PV) solar panels. None of these products can be manufactured without reliable supply of High purity quartz. This type of high purity silica is the key raw material used in the manufacture of silica glass, a type of glass used in silicon processing and transparent UV-lamp bulbs. It is widely used in industry to produce crucibles and quartz glass products such as windows, rods, and tubes.

Multi-lab has an outstanding track record for many years producing bespoke quartz and Technical ceramic solutions for our loyal customers. As the business develops and grows, it is vital that we secure and nurture the right people to sustain and enhance our reputation.

To further our commitment to training, Multi-lab will be aiming over the next 12 months to achieve the Investors In People (IIP) training award as recognition of these undertakings. Our Sales Manager is further developing her skills and will shortly commence the  Level 6 Chartered Management Degree (CDMA).

Investing in our Future with the right Glass Blowing training
Batch producing parts on the Lathe
Final Inspection of all our manufactured parts to ensure compliance with the specification.