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About the NMI Awards

NMI is the trade association representing the UK Electronic Systems, Microelectronics and Semiconductor Communities. Each year they hold an awards ceremony to honor the top companies or individuals in 12 different categories.

The supplier of the year category is scored by the customers from questionnaires sent to them by the NMI.

There are currently over 100 suppliers in the this category so for a company to be in the top 10 ( winning the top award in 2011) for 4 year consecutively displays a very high level of consistency.

To recognise the good performance of firms who were voted in to the top ten of the survey ranking, the NMI awards certificates and e-badges for use on the web.

You can see our badge at the foot of this item

NMI in the top ten of the Supplier of the Year Awards - 2013

Multi-lab QuartzTec Ltd is delighted to have been awarded with a top 10 supplier of the year award from the National Microelectronics Institute for the 4th year in a row! This was complimented by winning the top position in 2011.

The NMI awards

Pictured above with the awards from 2010-2013 are Ron Jackman Senior: Managing Director Multi-lab Group, Gordon Whyte: Operations Director Multi-Lab QuarzTec and Paul Jackman: Group Production Director, Multi-lab group.

nmi award 2013


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