ZSBN Grade Boron Nitride Solids

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bullet  Molten metal & glass casting processes
bullet  Plasma Arc Insulators
bullet  Brazing jigs & fixtures
bullet  Nozzles for transfer atomisation
bullet  Microwave tubes
bullet  Break rings
bullet  Crucibles/CVD crucibles/Vacuum melting crucibles etc
bullet  Hi temperature mechanical parts
bullet  Low friction seals
bullet  Continuous casting
bullet  Atomisation Nozzles
bullet  Molds


ZSBN Grade Boron Nitride Solids

In simple terms, ZSBN is a machinable boron nitride / zirconia composite, technical ceramic, which can be machined into very complex geometry parts, using traditional engineering techniques & has the machinability characteristics of hot-pressed boron nitride with the strength and non-reactivity of silicon carbide and zirconia.

It was developed for ultra-demanding applications requiring resistance to Wear,Thermal Shock & Corrosion with excellent Non-Wetting properties, with which make it perfect for the following applications listed here:

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