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ZSBN Grade Boron Nitride Solids

In simple terms, ZSBN is a machinable boron nitride / zirconia composite, technical ceramic, which can be machined into very complex geometry parts, using traditional engineering techniques & has the machinability characteristics of hot-pressed boron nitride with the strength and non-reactivity of silicon carbide and zirconia.

It was developed for ultra-demanding applications requiring resistance to Wear,Thermal Shock & Corrosion with excellent Non-Wetting properties, with which make it perfect for the following applications listed here:


bullet  Molten metal & glass casting processes
bullet  Plasma Arc Insulators
bullet  Brazing jigs & fixtures
bullet  Nozzles for transfer atomisation
bullet  Microwave tubes
bullet  Break rings
bullet  Crucibles/CVD crucibles/Vacuum melting crucibles etc
bullet  Hi temperature mechanical parts
bullet  Low friction seals
bullet  Continuous casting
bullet  Atomisation Nozzles
bullet  Molds

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