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2014 saw Multi-Lab ltd introduce metalizing of technical ceramics which are favoured in a wide range of electronics and engineering applications for their chemical and mechanical properties. In comparison to metals, they are stronger in compression, especially at higher temperatures & have a good thermal stability combined with CTE…………….. low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion and good electrical & thermal resistance. Technical Ceramics are also hard, and have excellent dimensional stability.



Ceramic to metal bonding, Vacuum interrupters, Feed-Thru Insulators, Wave Tubes, Power Switches & Grid tubes, Insulator rings Cylinders & discs, to mention but a few.



Please view the metallized technical specification sheet for metallized ceramic components by clicking on the link below:
Technical Specification For Metallized Component (PDF)
This data sheet is focused on metallized parts with nickel plating, but other metallized parts have a similar technical specification, such as metallized parts with gold plating.

The metallized parts with nickel and gold plating are our regular components and the MOQ can be low quantity level; but for metallized parts with silver, we can make them so the MOQ will be higher.

Key Properties

bullet  Good thermal stability
bullet  Low Coefficient of Thermal expansion
bullet  Good electrical and thermal resistance
bullet  Hard
bullet  Excellent dimensional stability


bullet  Ceramic to metal bonding
bullet  Vacuum interrupters
bullet  Feed-Thru Insulators
bullet  Wave Tubes
bullet  Power Switches
bullet  Grid tubes
bullet  Insulator rings
bullet  Cylinders & discs

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