Steatite - Magnesium Silicate

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Steatite - Magnesium Silicate

There are 3 basic types of Steatite, and they are stable up to approx 1000°C

Standard steatite, low cost electrical insulation.

Common uses

bullet  Fishspine / inter-locking beads
bullet  Sockets
bullet  Low voltage fuse bodies
bullet  Feed through
bullet  Control housings
bullet  Base plate substrates
bullet  Washers & bushes ect
bullet  Terminal blocks

Low loss Steatite, also known as Frequentite.

A superior grade of steatite used in cases of high frequency and slightly higher voltages, with better mechanical and dielectric strength & good creep resistance for electrical engineering.

The natural step up from this very popular material is Aluminium oxide.

Common uses

bullet  Electrical insulators
bullet  High voltage fuse bodies
bullet  Male / Female split bushes
bullet  High voltage lamp caps IR & UV
bullet  HF capacitor plates
bullet  Thermocouple connector blocks
bullet  Terminal blocks
bullet  Knuckle beads
bullet  Switch & plug parts

C230 - Super refractory
A porous high frequency grade for applications of intense thermal shock up to 1050°C. Due to its porous composition, it can be machined without the need for diamond grinding.

Common uses

bullet  Cartridge heaters
bullet  Element formers
bullet  Heater bodies

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