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Aluminium Silicate

Aluminum Silicate is fired to a hard, durable ceramic material with close dimensional tolerances.

Because of the process of precisely controlled heat treatment it make it possible o produce complicated ceramic parts available that are not possible by any other manufacturing method.

Machining can be carried out in the green stage for precision components. Typically, tooling is not required, therefore Multi-labs manufacturing process is ideally suited to the manufacture of prototypes and custom designs.

Key Properties

bullet  High resistance to chemicals, wear and oxidation.
bullet  High strength to both mechanical and dielectrical
bullet  Excellent stability
bullet  Excellent lower thermal expansion with in extreme
temperature conditions


bullet  Boats
bullet  Fixtures
bullet  Nozzles
bullet  Furnace Tooling
bullet  Slicing Tooling
bullet  Insulators
bullet  Glass Sealing
bullet  Brazing
bullet  Alloying
bullet  Soldering
bullet  Welding

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