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Sialon MCT100

MCT100 Sialon is a refractory ceramic alloy which combines high levels of the properties used for traditional refractory products in a single material. The properties allow use in high temperatures exceeding 1000°C, exceptionally corrosion resistant, very good resistance to oxidation and good resistance to wetting. Our product can be applied to tubes, robs and thermocouple sheaths, but is restricted to 1000°C under load.

Sialon is iso-structural and combines the desirable properties of beta silicon nitride and contains aluminium and oxygen in solid solution. The silicon nitride provides qualities such as thermal shock resistance, high corrosion resistance and refractoriness of alumina with very good resistance to oxidation.

MCT100 is uniquely qualified for use in molten non-ferrous metal applications, corrosive chemicals and abrasive fluids at temperatures exceeding 1000°C. The key properties consist of high wear resistance, exceptional corrosion resistance and being chemically inert.

Key Properties

bullet  Gas tight / Zero porosity
bullet  Chemically inert
bullet  Highly wear resistant
bullet  Exceptionally corrosion resistant
bullet  Highly thermal shock resistant
bullet  High mechanical strength
bullet  Abrasion resistant
bullet  Good electrical insulation
bullet  Good resistance to wetting
bullet  High strength
bullet  High hardness
bullet  Good fracture toughness
bullet  Very good resistance to oxidation
bullet  Withstands temperatures exceeding 1000°C
bullet  Bulk Density 3.2 g/cm3
bullet  Thermal Conductivity 21 W/m°K


bullet  Molten non-ferrous application;
bullet  Zinc
bullet  Aluminium
bullet  Copper
bullet  Gold
bullet  Corrosive chemicals
bullet  Abrasive fluids exceeding 1000°C
bullet  Tubes
bullet  Rods
bullet  Thermocouple sheaths

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