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BNP2 Machinable Aluminium Nitride
(Shapal M soft alternative)

BNP2 has all but identical properties to that of Shapal M and is a very cost effective alternative, it should be machined & treated in exactly the same way.

Grades of ceramic have been developed which can be machined but they are not suitable for all engineering applications due to their low flexural strength. BNP 2 has been developed as a direct eqvielent to Shapel M soft.

BNP 2 is a machinable ceramic which offers both high mechanical strength and thermal conductivity. The material has a composite sintered body of AlN and BN. This material has unique characteristics which make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

We have it available in block, rods, sheets and finished components. High precision tight tolerance components can be machined using a wide range of techniques including drilling, grinding, turning and milling.

The thermal conductivity of BNP2 is approximately 5x that of alumina, with a flexural strength of 30kg/mm2 which is comparable to that of alumina.

BNP 2 maintains a low dielectric loss and also has an ultra high purity level.

Please contact our technical sales team who will discuss your application and answer any technical issues.

UKAS AND ISO 9001-RGB - Multi Lab
Key Properties

bullet  Excellent electrical insulation
bullet  Low thermal expansion
bullet  Low dielectric loss
bullet  Excellent high temperature properties
bullet  Machinable close tolerance components
bullet  Suitability for vacuum applications


bullet  OEM System parts
bullet  Precision formers.
bullet  High voltage insulators on process equipment.

bullet  Process parts for diffusion furnace
bullet  Construction components in panel assembly
bullet  Laser manufacturing
bullet  Spacers, cavities and reflectors in laser assemblies.

High Vacuum
bullet  Thermal seals in high temperature
processing equipment.
bullet  Coil supports and vacuum feed-throughs

Aerospace / Defence
bullet  Retaining rings on hinges, windows and doors for
USA space program.
bullet  Jet engine support lugs
bullet  Thermal reflector plates
bullet  Missile retaining plates
bullet  Measurement target components

Nuclear Industry
bullet  Fixtures and reference substrates in power generation

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