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MACOR® Machineable Glass Ceramic

MACOR® is a Trademark, owned & manufactured by Corning Inc, it is a machinable glass ceramic material, with excellent electrical & thermal properties alike, with a density of 2.52 g/cm3 making it ideal for prototyping and development of parts prior to tooling up for full production.

Macor is made up of Fluorphlogopite mica in a Borosilicate glass matrix with a pure white appearance similar to that of hi aluminous porcelain, but can be machined in conventional ways very similar to that of metal machining, including drilling, tapping and screw cutting etc. All of this allows for extremely versatile and intricate machining of parts with the most complex of geometry.

It can also be polished to a mirror finish if the correct procedure is followed; Macor will operate constantly at 800°C with a maximum peak temperature of 1000°C. There are no real health and safety concerns – with most materials the dust is classed as an irritant therefore inhalation should be avoided, but Macor has no toxic effects, hence this material is globally used by the mighty warriors of industry, right down to the model engineer working in his garden shed! This makes Macor the first choice for rapid prototyping and the R&D department’s best friend.


Ordering Macor from Multi Lab

Multi-Lab Ltd carry vast stocks of Macor and are happy to supply you with bars, rods & blocks right up to the largest available block, a Maxislab, with approximate dimensions of 345mm X 345mm X 60mm max thick.

Because Macor has the unique properties to be used in many applications, please speak to our technical sales staff who will able to advise you on your application and design.

We also offer a full, in-house machining service, and have extensive CNC workshops offering 5 axis machining and comprehensive CMM reports if required. We can offer design advice, or simply quote against customer supplied drawings.


Uses of Macor

Some examples of industry sectors using Macor are:
bullet   Semiconductor
bullet   Electronics
bullet   Nuclear
bullet   Laser cavity reflectors

Please call our head office sales team for further information or a quotation.

Key Properties

bullet  Zero porosity and non-shrinking
bullet  High dielectric strength
bullet  Electrical resistivity
bullet  Withstands high temperatures up to 1000ºC
bullet  Tight tolerance capability
bullet  Easily and economically machined into
complex shapes and precision parts


bullet  Wet Etch parts
bullet  Precision coil formers.
bullet  High voltage insulators on process equipment.

bullet  Process parts for diffusion furnace
bullet  Construction components in panel assembly

Laser Manufacturing
bullet  Process parts for diffusion furnace
bullet  Spacers, cavities and reflectors in laser

High Vacuum
bullet  Thermal breaks in high temperature
processing equipment.
bullet  Coil supports and vacuum feed-throughs

Aerospace / Defence
bullet  Retaining rings on hinges, windows and doors for
USA space program.
bullet  Jet engine support lugs
bullet  Gas reflector plates
bullet  Engine injection needles
bullet  Missile dome retaining plates.
bullet  Measurement target components

Nuclear Industry
bullet  Fixtures and reference substrates in
power generation
bullet  Main frame insulator blocks

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