Cordierite Refractory Ceramic

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Cordierite Refractory Ceramic

Cordierite refractory ceramic is a magnesium alumina silicate with chemical formula Mg2Al4Si5O18.

It is widely used across many industry sectors such as Kiln furniture ie, Batts, Shelves, props, supports, plate setters etc, Burner nozzles and expansion bars for thermostats. Industrial heater cores are another very popular use.

Cordierite is usually selected when resistance to thermal shock is required along with high temperature and or low thermal expansion. Here at the Multi-Lab group, we have developed a technique wherein, we can mold very complex geometry parts with thin walls, thus opening up many more uses & applications for this normally quite coarse / rough & ready refractory

The main properties of Porous Cordierite are that it comprises magnesium aluminium silicate, has porous material structure, has a low mechanical strength, exhibits an increased resistance to thermal shock and has a low linear expansion & also lends the low dielectric loss properties required in electronic applications, and can help improve the spalling resistance of ordinary stoneware bodies.

You do also have the option of diamond CNC machining precision bespoke parts from standard blocks & plates, send us your drawings for a quotation.

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