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2014 saw an exciting new range of technical ceramic Nuts, Bolts & Alignment pins at Multi-Lab Ltd.

Please click the link below for our data specification sheets for ceramic screws and nuts. The data sheets include the size and material of our standard screws and nuts. Details for the standard range of precision Zirconia alignment pins is also included below:
Standard Zirconia Screw and Nut (Excel Document)
The smallest size is M2.5*10(Flat head). The screws are made from Zirconia, however, if you require alumina we can also make them for you by using CNC or CIM technology, but they do need tooling.

The black zirconia screw can be used in a no light environment (but the toughness of the white colour is better) meaning the black zirconia screw market demand is very limited. If you require black zirconia screws we can also provide these for you.

We can also provide you with matched ceramic washers if you need, but as we now only use machining technology rather than tooling, the cost of the washers is high.


Zirconia Alignment Pins (PDF)

Key Properties

bullet  Lack of electrical conductivity
bullet  Low thermal conductivity
bullet  Resistant to corrosive environments


bullet  Metal plating facilities
bullet  Kiln furnace facilities

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