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Boron Nitride

Solid Boron Nitride, is a excellent machinable advanced ceramic Is a unique material, Boron Nitride Solid solves problems that could not possibly be tackled with other compositions such as Al2O3 or SiC.

Boron Nitride in Solid form handles temperatures over 2000°C and, depending on the grade, carries a dielectric strength of nearly 1000 volts/mil. Hot pressed in billet form Boron Nitride can easily be machined into rods, bars, plates and even custom shapes this can all be carried out in house at Multi-lab.

Because of its highly exceptional characteristics Boron Nitride makes it ideal for fixture or jig materials for sealing or brazing operations in induction, vacuum and atmosphere furnaces; for molten metal crucibles; heat sinks and high temperature insulators.

Hot pressed boron nitride, sometimes is referred to as ‘white graphite’ has a platey, hexagonal structure. This type of bond is equal to that found in diamonds, yields excellent physical, thermal and electrical performance under a wide range of uses.

Hexagonal Boron Nitride can be easily machined into complex shapes using conventional high speed cutting tools.

Key Properties

bullet  High performance plus economic price
bullet  High purity plus unlimited machinability
bullet  Boron Nitride has the combined purity, strength and
design flexibility to do what pyrolitic Boron Nitride
often cannot.
bullet  High thermal shock plus high thermal conductivity
bullet  Higher thermal shock resistance, more spall resistance,
and lower permanent expansion upon heating
bullet  High thermal shock plus moisture resistance


bullet  Crucibles for melting glass
bullet  Break rings for horizontal continuous casting of
high-alloy steels
bullet  Spanker plates used in the production of TV tubes
bullet  End-dam material for thin-strip casting
bullet  Seal rings for gas sensors
bullet  Components for high-temperature electric furnaces
bullet  Structural parts for magnetohydrodynamic
devices (MHD)
bullet  Dielectrics for radar antennas and windows
bullet  Insulators for low- and high-frequency equipment
bullet  Insulators for plasma-jet furnace, arc pulse generators
and ion engines
bullet  Holders, mounting plates, substrates, and heat sinks
in valve circuits and transistor circuits
bullet  Pump components, pipes, and nozzles for liquid
metals handling
bullet  Protective tubes and insulating sleeves for
bullet  Wafers for boron doping of semiconductors
bullet  Crucibles for crystal growth
bullet  Wafer heating
bullet  Moulds for hot-pressing of technical ceramics like
B6O or B6.5C
bullet  Neutron absorbers and shields for nuclear reactors
bullet  Evaporation boats

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