Precision Laser cut and drilled ceramic substrates

The description / Term, Ceramic Substrates covers a wide & varied field, but is a generic term for : A primary material on which other materials, such as ink or metallisation can be applied, examples could be …..

  • Thin film printing
  • Thick film printing
  • High voltage circuit carriers
  • And many others far too numerous to mention.

With benefits such as ………………………….

  • Excellent surface quality allows the printing of high definition fine lines.
  • Good flexural strength.
  • Thermal shock resistance.
  • Good thermocycling capabilities.
  • Good thermal conductivity.

Most commonly supplied in 96% Alumina ALN02 (Also available in 99.&%) But also available in AIN Aluminium Nitride and occasionally in Silicon Nitride.

Here at Multi-Lab we offer a full precision laser cutting / drilling service from very simple to extremely complex geometry components.

Thicknesses vary depending on your chosen material & application, but in the 96% alumina the standard thickness ranges between 0.080” down to 0.025”

There is also a black alumina Low/Zero light version available upon special request.

For further information or technical assistance contact sales@multi-lab.co.uk