Ceramic screws

Multi-Ceramic Technology, of the Multi-Lab group introduced ceramic screws nuts & bolts several years ago.

Ceramic screws Nuts & Bolts

This range has been significantly expanded as our experience in this field of manufacture has grown, We can now offer in a range of materials as follows

• ZIRCONIA :  ZrO2  also available in BLACK


MACOR MGC Machinable Glass Ceramic

• Machinable Aluminium Nitride AlN : BNP2 / Shapal M soft

Zirconia Cap Screws
Countersunk head ceramic screws also available


Historically, ceramic screws nuts & bolts / fasteners are used in low-stress & high temperature conditions such as electronic devices and equipment ! however, huge advances in the molecular structure of some materials have enabled the field of use to expand significantly, into areas such as

• Highly corrosive environments.

• Very high temperature applications such as Kiln, Furnace & oven manufacturing.

• Excellent electrical resistivity at elevated temperatures.

But to mention just a few.

Ceramic fasteners, Nuts , Bolts & washers etc from Multi-Ceramic Technolgies standard range are the quick solution for applications in which metal alloy or plastic fasteners fail, or simply do not possess the properties demanded by the harsh or extreme  environment in which they need to perform.

We have also introduced an impact resistant BLUE ZIRCONIA engineering material.

If you would like any further details on our standard Off the shelf availability ? or would like to discuss a bespoke design ? please contact us at sales@multi-lab.co.uk