ZrO2 Zirconium Oxide, more commonly referred to as simply Zirconia, has many fantastic qualities ……………………..

Lapped & Polished Zirconia

Lapped & Polished Zirconia



It can be polished to very fine levels due to its tiny grain structure, also dependent on grade.

Precision ground & polished Zirconia

Precision ground & polished







Certain grades also have incredible resistance to wear, far in excess to that of Alumina ceramic machining.    Zirconium Oxide is widely used and has superior high-temperature properties. When combined with compounds of yttria, strength and fracture toughness can be significantly increased making it suitable for engineering parts ………………………


Precision Technical Ceramics

Lapped & Polished Zirconia Precision Technical Ceramics



When designing your product / equipment etc, One needs to remember / understand that Zirconium oxide also becomes electrically conductive from around 900 deg C and upwards.

Here at The Multi-Lab group we have worked very hard in recent years to develop our range of Zirconia grades as follows …………………..

CIM Ceramic injection molding of intricate geometry parts

High wear resistance

High temperature tubes


H T Zirconia tubes

H T Zirconia tubes



Parts can be produced by a no of methods ! … Single Axis Dry Pressing,  CIM Ceramic Injection Molding, (ISO) Isostatic Pressing,  And  Extrusion.

Pressed / molded parts can “green machined” dimensionaly close to size prior to firing and then diamond ground to very fine tolerances.

I hope this brief overview of was both informative and interesting.

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