Technical Ceramics What are the Advantages of Using ?

Technical ceramics, also known as engineering ceramics or advanced ceramics, have various advantages to their use. They are capable of withstanding various demanding environments, making them useful across a variety of fields such as aerospace, medical, electronic and automotive. Read on to find out more about the advantages of using technical ceramics.

High Hardness:
Technical ceramics are often three or four times harder than stainless steel. This makes them useful in high-performance situations. This hardness is also what gives them their wear resistance.

High Corrosion/Wear Resistance
As mentioned above, technical ceramics are very resistant to wear – more so than most metals. This means that they can maintain their properties even in high temperatures such as in jet engines. The high corrosion resistance of technical ceramics means that they are highly resistant to a number of chemicals, and thus perform better than metals in a number of industry related applications.

Heat Resistance
Compressive Strength
Technical ceramics are also incredibly strong, although only when compressed. They can withstand up to 4 times as much compression (4000 MPa) than titanium, which can withstand 1000 MPa and is considered a strong metal.

Low Density
Technical ceramics have a low density – much lower than metals such as stainless steel. The only metals that match them in density are soft in comparison. This means that technical ceramics are good for industries that require a material which is both hard and has a low density.

Thermally Conductive or Insulative
Technical ceramics also have a wide range in terms of thermal conductivity. Some technical ceramics are thermally conductive, and thus are useful if the material required needs to be heated. Others, however, are thermally insulative and are useful when heat conduction is not necessary/wanted.

Although this list is not extensive, it is clear why technical ceramics are useful for a variety of purposes. The people at Multi-lab can provide you with a number of technical ceramics products. They provide: protection tubes, insulators, radiant tubes, support tubes for electric heaters, beams, profiles, incineration aids and special fabricated components. So if you want to find out more about technical ceramics, or try them out for yourself then visit Multi-lab today!