Scientific Glass Blowing

A large part of the workload here at Multi-lab is producing products and components for the scientific community. Due to the unique properties of fused quartz, there is an ongoing demand for a wide variety of scientific components, parts that are essential when carrying out research and experiments in the Laboratory.

Multi-lab produce a wide range of test tubes, condensers, flasks, reaction vessels etc but most orders are for bespoke apparatus, often assisting the customers to design a product that most suits their needs and requirements.

Multi-lab are also able to offer a comprehensive repair service for those delicate parts that sometimes get broken or simply worn. A service that can save our customers considerable time and expense. Before you decide to discard an item of test equipment, get in touch with us here at Multi-lab. We’ve repaired many fragile components over the years and we pack the parts to ensure there is no damage during transit.

In this blog we are producing a number of high purity quartz crucibles. manufactured according the the customer’s own specification for the dimensions and capacity.

16.02.18 040

The bowl is shaped from a length of quartz tubing.

16.02.18 043

After the shape is produced its checked for dimensions.

16.02.18 041

The bowl is welded to a length of quartz rod enabling it to be detached from the parent tubing.

16.02.18 049

Using one of the welding masks as a filter to block out the intense flame its just about possible to see the joint getting made.

16.02.18 042


Here’s a few that are made ready to be cut top and bottom.

16.02.18 036

After the parts are trimmed there glazed and then ready for final inspection.

16.02.18 037


Close up of the finished crucible.

16.02.18 062

At Multi-lab we have the capability to manufacture crucibles of all shapes and sizes and will work with you to produce components to exactly match your requirements.