Glass Blowing shapes – No.2

Unlike the previous Glass Blowing example, it’s possible to join different shapes to produce intricate components. Although this is a simple enough example, it demonstrates that a lot of potential time was saved by joining a quartz repairs glass ring onto a quartz tube. The feature required a sealing joint face. Welding a small cut ring in position achieved this without additional machining time saving cost and lowering the component price.


Standard sized parts were cut to the required length, assembled and then put out for welding:


Once the components are setup on the Glass blowers lathe they are ready for welding together by the Glass Blower.


Not quite the finished component yet, we will be cutting these down a little and touch up the ring faces now they are welded into position.  The cutting and facing is carried out using specialised diamond cutting wheels, more of which will be explored in a later blog.  Traditional welding creates a filler bond between materials, fused silica effectively creates a new part, the two parts essentially become one which gives significant advantages with the strength and structural integrity as the quartz fuses together under the intense heat.