Ceramic Substrates


Welcome to the Multi-Lab groups blog, we would like to clear up some of the myth & mystery behind the term Ceramic Substrates

So, you may well start by asking,  What are Ceramic Substrates ?  In simple terms, a ceramic substrate is ???????    ………………………………………………………………………….      Answer, A primary material on which other materials,such as ink or metalisation can be applied …………………………..

Ceramic Substrates

Ceramic Substrates

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The most common forms of ceramic substrates are laser cut / profiled & snapped and drilled and can be formed in very complex bespoke geometry with quite simple programming of the laser,  these simple plates, known as ceramic substrates, are available in thicknesses ranging form 0.006″ or 0.15mm  up to 0.80″ or 2.00mm  however, laser cutting over 1.5mm reduces the edge quality !                                                                                              Alumina is of course available in much thicker forms, more commonly referred to as plate, rather than a substrate.                                                                                                                                       The most common grade is 96% purity alumina as this is best suited to the metalization process ! but is also available in > 99%

Multi-Lab Ltd has been supplying precision laser cut ceramic substrates to the micro-electronics among many other industries since 1984 as part of our Technical Ceramics division, Our technical team have a combined knowledge of over 150 yrs of technical knowledge & expertise within the multiple industries covered & supported by the Multi-Lab group,                                                                                                                                                                   This level of experience and industry expertise has also enabled us to develop global markets, as well as the homegrown & we now supply not only laser cut components to many of the leading hybrid microelectronics companies globally, but technical ceramics, fused silica / quartz products globally.

Laser cut precision ceramics substrates

Laser cut precision ceramic substrates

With many years experience in laser profiling, drilling and scribing thick and thin film substrates, we can help optimise laser cut substrate design to meet your technical requirements in the most cost-effective fashion.                                                                                       Printed or sputtered substrates with high quality circuits can be precision lasered.

Laser cut ceramic substrates

Laser cut ceramic substrates











To shed a little more light !                                                                                                                     Ceramic substrates is a term that covers quite a large area of our industry ! There are companies out there that even refer to ceramic substrates within their company name of title but do not make ceramic substrates at all !!along with many others simply trading products ! it pays to shop for technical ceramics with great care, as you may never actually know what you are being supplied or indeed, where it has come from ??

We hope that this brief look into the world of technical ceramics and in particular, that of ceramic substrates has been, not only informative, but also interesting ?

If you would like any further information or clarification of applications or bespoke design assistance ? please feel free to contact us on jules.blain@multi-lab.co.uk