Macor: The Ceramic for Aerospace and Welding Nozzles

  Macor: The Ceramic for Aerospace and Welding Nozzles Macor is a major innovation in machinable glass ceramics with a huge range of applications for industrial, artistic and commercial uses. Macor, machinable ceramics, ceramic Macor is a material that is not porous, does not shrink and can withstand very high temperatures. Standard metal-working tools are…

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The industrial world of Technical Ceramics is a very wide and varied area covering many different material grades, such as AL203 Aluminium Oxide, Zr02 Zirconium Oxide, Si3N4 Silicon Nitride,  SiC Silicon Carbise, AIN Aluminium Nitride, BN Boron Nitride, MgO Magnesium Oxide  Etc ……………………. to mention but a few, Also, machinable ceramics such as,…….. Macor MGC…

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Magic — From Space Shuttles to Microscopes   Macor is a high-performance material that demonstrates the importance of machinable glass ceramics in many applications.               It looks like porcelain but has outstanding technical performance and is as versatile as an advanced polymer. is a glass ceramic developed by Corning…

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