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Multi-Lab are looking forward to welcoming  the BSSC British Society of Scientific Glassblowers to Newcastle on 27th March #UKmfg .

Scientific glassblowing at Multi-Lab

Scientific glassblowing at Multi-Lab

This should be a very interesting day with scientists & engineers from within the industry (far & wide) all attending, with plenty of networking opportunities for all attendees !!

Scientific glassblowing @ Multi-Lab

Scientific glassblowing @ Multi-Lab

You may well ask, What is Scientific Glassblowing ?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Glassblowing is the art of manipulating molten glass, and creating glass apparatus & glass systems for use not only in R&D, but also in large scale production                                                   Glassblowing was first developed in the Middle East around 300 BC. Since then, Scientific glass-blown products have become indispensable industry, as well as everyday life, not forgetting scientific development & innovation.

Scientific glassware is found in most government / educational and industrial laboratories. Chemical, medical, pharmaceutical and engineering laboratories use scientific glassware extensively, and almost all areas of scientific research will use glass at some time.

The Multi-Lab group Ltd offers  comprehensive consultancy, design and fabrication services  for industrial / specialist scientific glass based equipment and apparatus, Our bespoke manufacturing is designed to help our customers achieve their specific requirements in the most cost effective way.

Our capabilities / facilities for cold working techniques including cutting, grinding, edging, optical polishing and drilling & precision CNC machining have helped the Multi-Lab group maintain its place as one of the worlds leading scientific glassblowing organisations

Our work with pyrex (borosilicate) and quartz (fused silica), is known globally, having supplied not only universities but industry worldwide for over 30 years, in many niche markets, often under the cloak of an NDA.

Our engineers & glassblowers have vast industrial and technical experience in, gas handling rigs, vacuum systems and the fabrication and repair of laboratory scale apparatus.

Multi-Lab introduce Cyber Technology

Multi-Lab introduce Cyber Technology

With our current range of equipment & facilities, we are able to handle any size from micro bench work right up to 650mm dia semiconductor rigs & equipment.

Scientific glassblowing, (Glass Blowing) is a very specific and specialist field of Glass Blowing used in most scientific sectors, and in huge areas of industry,  However, there is also a vast market in the art & design fields !

Going back as far as Galileos thermometer, Scientific glassblowing has been used in industries such as, pharmaceutical, Chemical / Electro chemical, research in physics & electronics !!                                                                                                                                                               Thomas Edison’s light bulb is another prime example from way back in history, along with and wireless (radio) vacuum tubes, The advancement of Television,  PC’s  fiber optics, Semiconductor, atomic & subatomic particle research, has been particularly reliant on scientific glassblowing organisations such as the Multi-Lab group.

If you would like any further information regarding any Multi-Labs products ranging from scientific glassware to technical ceramics ? please feel free to contact us directly.