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Tube Furnace replacement Tubes from Multi-Lab ltd From time to time, the inevitable will happen, your furnace tubes will fail and you will need to replace it or them !! A tube furnace is an electric heating  piece of equipment, used to conduct syntheses and purifications of inorganic compounds and occasionally in organic synthesis. One possible design consists of…

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Synthesising Boron Nitride Single Crystals

A large, single, hexagonal-shaped and high-purity crystal of boron nitride can be employed in many photonic as well as electronic devices.                   Boron nitride in a polycrystalline, hexagonal form has been used for over half a century as a refractory material because it remains chemically stable at…

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Shapal M Crucial for High-Power LED Devices

High-power and even super-high-power LED devices need Shapal M for thermal management.           Already a fast-growing market for all manner of electronic devices, LED lighting is set to step into the big time. High-power and even super-high-power LED lights will come to dominate the lighting market of the future for ambient…

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How Lasers Change Quartz Glass into Metals

Lasers can give quartz glass properties of a metal for a few femtoseconds. Everyone knows that glass – from window panes to laboratory test tubes to high-tech quartz glass – does not conduct electricity. But is it still true? Perhaps not.               Glass has always been used as an…

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Fused Silica in Multidirectional Solar Panel Manufacture

Fused silica in solar panels makes their orientation less vital. There has always been one clear rule for anyone installing rooftop solar panels: point them in the direction where they can capture the greatest amount of sunlight. For people living in the Northern Hemisphere this means pointing the panel to the south; for those in…

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Multi-Lab ltd Launches CMM precision measurement service

  CMM MEASUREMENT SUBCONTRACT SERVICE                   Multi-Lab are very pleased to announce the arrival of Mitutoyo CMM with a capacity of 1005mm x 705mm, this machine is also offered as a subcontract service should you require a super accurate measurement service. to run in conjunction with ……………………………… CNC…

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BNP 2 makes superior bearings to other equivalents

BNP 2 ceramic is an ideal solution for bearings in harsh environments with corrosive substances and high temperatures.           Bearings made of ceramics such as BNP 2 are superior to their stainless steel equivalents in crucial ways, whether the bearing needs to achieve a higher level of revolutions per minute (rpm),…

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Machinable Aluminium Nitride in Plant Growing Lamps

Machinable Aluminium Nitride in Plant Growing Lamps           Machinable aluminium nitride has one of its best applications in ultraviolet LED optics and electronics. Carry on reading for Multi Lab’s guide for more information.   First manufactured in 1877 and only of interest for its chemical make-up, machinable aluminium nitride has had…

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Technical Ceramics and Shale Oil and Gas Recovery

Technical Ceramics and Shale Oil and Gas Recovery.                 The past decade of increased oil and gas production, especially in the United States, is the product of innovations in drilling technology and hydraulic stimulation of wellbores known as hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”. This has been employed in so-called unconventional…

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