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Scientific Glassblowing BSSG

Multi-Lab are looking forward to welcoming  the BSSC British Society of Scientific Glassblowers to Newcastle on 27th March #UKmfg . This should be a very interesting day with scientists & engineers from within the industry (far & wide) all attending, with plenty of networking opportunities for all attendees !! You may well ask, What is Scientific Glassblowing…

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Technical Ceramics / Aluminium Oxide (Alumina)

All About Technical Ceramics Corundum is the most common naturally occurring crystalline form of aluminium oxide. Rubies and Sapphires are gem-quality forms of corundum, which owe their characteristic colors to trace impurities.                                                    …

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High-Resolution Astronomy with Fused Silica Quartz Optics

Fused silica / Quartz Ion beam technology used for polishing fused silica surfaces produces high-quality and high-accuracy solar telescopes. Read on to find out more. Astronomers make observations of the solar corona using extreme ultra-violet (EUV) imagery. The typical height of a solar corona that is observed from Earth 150 million kilometres away is about…

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Pyrophyllite / Wonderstone Technical ceramics

Technical Ceramics Pyrophyllite wonderstone Wonderstone is a uniquely pure form of Pyrophyllite Loosely termed technical ceramics , mined some 300 kilometers west of Johannesburg and has been used by sculptors and carvers ever since the primitive inhabitants – (probably the Khoi and the San) roamed the area. Dozens of the flat stone surfaces sport images of…

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The Use of Technical Ceramics as Components in Flow Meters

The accuracy and longevity of technical ceramics are ideal qualities for flow meters in extreme environments. Read on to find out more. Flow meters are used over a wide range of applications covering domestic appliances, heavy industry and cutting-edge research. In all cases they have to withstand corrosion, abrasion and extremes of temperature. Technical ceramics…

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Fused Silica Is Ideal for Long-Term Data Storage

Anyone hoping to store data for a million years just needs fused silica. Read on to find out more. Material degradation has always been a problem for long-term storage of digital data. The development of a fused silica device now means that such data could be stored safely for over one million years.   Developed…

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The Multi-Lab groups expansion  of its range of technical ceramics really gained momentum in 2014 with the introduction of a new range of Nuts Bolts & Screws in Zirconia& Alumina …….                                                  …

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Strong Growth Expected inTechnical Ceramics Market

The global market for advanced and nanoscale technical ceramics is expected to grow by over 6 per cent annually until 2018. Read on for more details. BODY: According to BCC Research (a Massachusetts-based market research firm) the world will use $12 billion worth of technical ceramics powder in 2018, an annual rise of 6.2 per…

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High-Quality Technical Ceramics from PVD and CVD Processes

Technical ceramics produced by chemical vapour processes can be used in plasma etch operations. Learn more below. Ceramics are inorganic compounds made by firing clay minerals together with other secondary minerals such as sand at temperatures greater than 700 degrees C. Technical ceramics are high-performance compounds with a large variety of applications, from dentistry to…

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